I am using spacemacs with evil mode.

If I type /example, then ENTER, I will see all words matching example highlighted on the page.

If I move my cursor within one of those example words and type SPC SPC what-cursor-position C-u ENTER, I see a dialog as below:

Screenshot of the result of <code>what-cursor-position</code> on my highlighted search result in EMACS

I take the font face identifier, evil-search-highlight-persist-highlight-face, and add a custom theme for it in theme-editor, which shows a preview of my changes. The lisp for my change looks like this:

'(evil-search-highlight-persist-highlight-face ((t (:background "#fff" :foreground "#002b36" :inverse-video t :box (:line-width 1 :color "#f38518")))))

This lisp is identical to the code for my cursor, which as you can see from the screenshot, is functional. (the orange border shows my cursor position).

However, here is a screenshot of some highlighted text, allegedly evil-search-highlight-persist-highlight-face.

Screenshot of text highlighted via the evil search command in emacs

Why isn't my custom face being applied? (I have saved and reloaded my theme and tried restarting emacs).

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