Apparently hl-line+.el solves certain performance problems of hl-line-mode.

It is created in 2006, and last updated in 2018.

Despite that, it was never packaged to be available at e.g. melpa, which would be a bit more convenient than copy-pasting updates from wiki into a local setup.

Is there any reason, e.g. license terms, that prevents someone from creating and maintaining such a package? For instance, I can neither understand the license under which the specific file is made available, nor can I understand under which license files at https://github.com/emacsmirror/emacswiki.org/ are published.

While at it: is there a much better alternative to hl-line+ that makes it obsolete and not worth maintaining?

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It was on MELPA. It's not on MELPA anymore because MELPA doesn't want to pull from Emacs Wiki anymore. It's on Emacs Wiki because that's where I prefer to upload it. And it is a "package" - a single library.

If you want to use it, just (1) download it from the wiki, (2) put it in a directory that's in your load-path, and (3) do (require 'hl-line+).

There's nothing unusual about the license used for hl-line+.el. It's GNU GPL.

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    Thank you! The advantage of a package is easier installation and easier upgrade through the unified interface. So if somebody (e.g. me) made a package and uploaded it to e.g. Melpa, with proper attribution, it would be OK, I suppose?
    – 9000
    Commented Jul 17, 2019 at 4:31
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    See this post and thread, about this topic generally and about mirroring my libraries. Here, for instance, is where highlight.el is mirrored.
    – Drew
    Commented Jul 17, 2019 at 14:38

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