I am running spacemacs emacs and recently had to migrate my macbook to a new macbook. After doing that, I am having trouble using magit. When I try to commmit using magit from the magit status interface, I get an error:

files--ensure-directory: Creating directory: Permission denied, /var/folders/8sUnable to load color "#212026"

I also see what seems to be a related error on startup:

Error running timer ‘mac-setup-help-topics’: (file-missing "Creating file with prefix" "No such file or directory" "/var/folders/8s/y0zrtc6n38j0gwnvz7_l4q1h0000gn/T/jka-com")

I've got no idea how to go about debugging for fixing this. Does anyone have any ideas?

What I've tried so far: 1) Remove the .emacs.d folder and reinstall spacemacs. 2) Reinstall the emacs for mac release from here

  • /var/folders (aka /private/var/folders) on macOS are for per user temporary files and caches. It sounds like, as part of your migration, you pulled over a magit "cache" that was stored elsewhere, and that is referring to folders in /var/folders that obviously no longer exist. You need to "clear" this "magit cache". Not, being a magit user I couldn't tell you where to look, but I understand its docs are pretty good. You could also try a find/grep from your home directory, a la find ~/ -type f | xargs grep y0zrtc6n38j0gwnvz7, and see what results you get.
    – nega
    Jul 24, 2019 at 17:27

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The problem here has to do with a variable TMPDIR set in the .spacemacs.env directory. This env variable for spacemacs specifies a folder in /var/folders. Since that folder no longer existed when I migrated, things started to break.

The fix was to rename/delete .spacemacs.env and then restart emacs/spacemacs.

  • Thanks! Took me a minute to locate that file. For others, it's ~/.spacemacs.d/.spacemacs.env Dec 13, 2021 at 19:21

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