It's easy to insert source code template in org 9.1 by

it is configured as

("s" "#+BEGIN_SRC ?\n#+END_SRC")

Of them, ? for cursor position,

unfortunately, it does not work in 9.2

Custormize org-structure-template-alist


("s" . "src ?\n")

it is dsplayed as:

#+begin_src ?\n

How could get the ? work properly as cursor position?

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Template handling has changed in org 9.2:

*** Change in the structure template expansion

Org 9.2 comes with a new template expansion mechanism, combining org-insert-structure-template bound to C-c C-,.

If you customized the org-structure-template-alist option manually, you probably need to udpate it, see the docstring for accepted values.

If you prefer using previous patterns, e.g. <s, you can activate them again by requiring Org Tempo library:

: (require 'org-tempo)

or add it to org-modules.

If you need complex templates, look at the tempo-define-template function or at solutions like Yasnippet.

Unless you really need complex templates (and you most probably don't), the easiest thing to do is delete the customization to org-structure-template-alist from your init file. The default value should work the way you want. Alternatively, if you have customized this variable (rather than setting it in your init file), do C-hvorg-structure-template-alistRET, click on the customize link, click on Revert and from the drop-down menu, choose Erase customizations; then try <s again.

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