I am a mendeley user trying to sync org-ref with my local biliography (bibtex format).

I'm having some trouble to run the function org-ref-open-pdf-at-point. Running this function while the cursor is on some citation emacs returns the message "no pdf found for CITATION".

Let me try to explain my previous attempts:

First, each of my bibtex entries is fomatted as the following example (this is done automatically by mendeley)

author = {Rockafeller, Ralph Tyrell},
doi = {10.1515/9781400873173},
file = {:home/ariel/coisas/matematicasdavida/Livros/Rockafeller - 1970 - Convex Analysis.pdf:pdf},
isbn = {0-691-08069-0},
pages = {468},
title = {{Convex Analysis}},
year = {1970}

My first attempt was to set the variable bibtex-completion-pdf-field to file, but with no success. I also looked up the Documentation and noticed that there is guidance for this sort of problem, but I also couldn't make their suggestions work.

Can someone help with this issue?

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Take a look at the documentation of org-ref-get-pdf-filename-function. You can set it to either org-ref-get-mendeley-filename or org-ref-get-pdf-filename-helm-bibtex. Both the variants support Mendeley file fields.

  • Thank you so much! your suggestion solved my problem!! Unfortunately I still don't have enough reputation to upvote your answer but thanks again! Jul 23, 2019 at 13:00

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