As far as I understand, there are two competing forces when exporting LaTeX to HTML.

  1. If it's in the text (including using \begin blocks), then the preview mode of org.el is used, relying on org-preview-latex-process-alist. If #+OPTIONS: tex:dvisvgm is specified, then this goes through dvisvgm, and things are of beauty. (Especially since I can add --font-format=woff to the options of dvisvgm and have embedded fonts.)

  2. If it's in a Babel #+BEGIN_SRC latex block, then ob-latex takes the lead. Instead of using dvisvgm, it uses htlatex in a arguably cumbersome way.

My problem: I like using Babel, but I want my LaTeX to be executed by dvisvgm. Is there an easy solution?

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