I have trouble making paredit work together with evil. I can either turn of evil-paredit and then don't have paredit work correctly as commands like x and dd will mess up the matching parenthesis. If I enable evil-paredit then certain commands like visual-selection + deletion won't work correctly.

Let me illustrate the issue with an exmaple. Consider the following code example:

(let ((x 1)                                                                     
      (y 2))                                                                    
  (+ x y))

If I visual-line select line 2 and 3 and enter x (deletion of the last two lines), I either get no change at all, as evil-paredit is blocking that modification or with no evil-paredit enabled I end up with unmatched parenthesis. I would like to end up with something like:

(let ((x 1)

This deletes all the matching parenthesis, but keeps the unmatched ones in the selection intact.

The four plugins I am using and that I think are relevant for this questions are evil, evil-paredit, paredit and evil-surround.


I ended up using evil-cleverparens which solved the issue to my liking.

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