I got excited about Calc's power as an embedded mode. Define some variables in natural inline notation and then do operations on them.

But the execution seems a bit messy: you got a separate key bindings when you're in CalcEmbed mode and mistakes are easy to make.

Can the mode be tamed so that the following org-mode buffer:

* Calc test embed!

Let $foo := 342$ and $bar := 2.2$. Now $foo*bar => $!

Could be evaluated to

* Calc test embed!

Let $foo := 342$ and $bar := 2.2$. Now $foo*bar => 752.4$!

With a single key stroke, all the while remaining in org-mode?


Maybe not a single keystroke but you could activate embedded mode via C-x * a and then (while point is in, say, the first expression) update all calc expressions with C-x * u. I use embedded mode all the time and it's one of the most understated features of Emacs!

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