If I place the point on a cite: link (as provided by org-ref), hitting the carriage return, breaks the link, to create a new line.

I would like this behavior instead to trigger org-return-follows-link, similar to this solution by @lawlist for adding the same behavior for org footnotes.

Any ideas?

  • It does that automatically for me, with org-ref installed. Have you set the value of org-return-follows-link to t? You can check with C-h v org-return-follows-link. Also, when you're editing an org-mode file, what does C-h k <enter> tell you? It should be org-return – Tyler Jul 23 at 18:50
  • Ah! Thanks @Tyler. Looks like the problem was that I updated org-mode but forgot to update my function that was overriding org-return to add support for footnotes. I updated this to match the new version and everything works as expected. – Adam Jul 23 at 22:35

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