I have been using both flycheck and shellcheck for just under a week under emacs 24.5.1. They work fine in principle.

I have a question though regarding flycheck's choice to simply use the modeline vs. using a new temporary subframe (in the current frame, at the bottom, in my case) to display its warnings/errors.

It occurs to me (cross checking with cli shellcheck output on the same source file) that flycheck is creating the above mentioned ephemeral frame for multi-line warnings/errors that occur on the same column, while using the modeline for all other warnings/errors.

I would like to configure it to always use an ephemeral frame, but can't seem to find out how. Anyone can help out?

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Ctrl-C!L will run flycheck-list-errors, giving you a frame containing the buffer *Flycheck errors*, based on your starting buffer. To get the error list for every file you open, you can add flycheck-list-errors to find-file-hook, although you'll probably want to restrict what files that occurs with, and have greater control of the error frame.

Personally, I have flycheck enabled (almost) globally, and only open the error list on demand. It's easy enough for me to ignore flycheck when the error list is closed.

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