Lets suppose I would like to edit my text and to add comments to the column in the text. This is my text:

something-text1  foobar1 something-text1
something-text2  foobar2 something-text2
something-textn  foobarn something-textn

I want to add comments just after the words foobar. I do the following: (|| is cursor):


M-x kmacro-start-macro-or-insert-counter M-x forward-word

;; comment

M-x backward-word M-x next-line M-x kmacro-end-or-call-macro

Now I can repeat this keyboard macro on every line with the word foobar with
M-x kmacro-start-macro-or-insert-counter or C-u kmacro-start-macro-or-insert-counter and apply the command times.

I would like to do the same with rectangle-mark. I would like to make
region with C-x SPC C-u С-n:

something-text1  ||foobar1 something-text1
something-text2  ||foobar2 something-text2
something-textn  ||foobarn something-textn

Then I eval M-x kmacro-end-or-call-macro, but it doesn't work in the way it works with help of above-mentioned command.

How can I apply a keyboard macro to every line that starts with rectangle mark region?

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I'm not sure if you can do this with rectangular regions, but it's a perfect situation for multiple cursors:

Fundamentals of multiple-cursors


In your case, starting with point before foobar1, call M-x set rectangular-region-anchor, navigate to the next line until you have a point before every foobar. Then forward-word moves all of your cursors to the end of foobarN, and you can enter the text you want.

Lots of options and variants to consider, see the links.

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