I install org-mode using use-package via the orgmode.org elpa archive.

In the past month I've received Symbol’s function definition is void messages such as:

org-capture-select-template: Symbol’s function definition is void: org-mks

org-archive-subtree: Symbol’s function definition is void: org-show-all

These functions seems to be defined in org.el and org-macs.el respectively.

I've tried deleting my ~/.emacs.d/elpa folder and reinstalling everything, but still get the error.

Here's my use-package macro for org. Any advice appreciated.

  (require 'package)
  (setq package-archives '(("gnu" . "http://elpa.gnu.org/packages/")
               ("melpa" . "http://melpa.org/packages/")
               ("org" . "https://orgmode.org/elpa/")))
  (setq package-enable-at-startup nil)

 (use-package org
:ensure t
:pin "org"
(org-agenda-files (list (expand-file-name "~/Documents/org-mode/work.org")
                        (expand-file-name "~/Documents/org-mode/XXXX.org")
                        (expand-file-name "~/Documents/org-mode/XXXX.org")
                        (expand-file-name "~/Documents/org-mode/XXXX.org")))
(org-default-notes-file (expand-file-name "~/Documents/org-mode/notes.org"))
(org-hide-leading-stars t)
(org-startup-indented t)
(org-catch-invisible-edits 'smart)
(org-fontify-whole-heading-line t)
(org-context-in-file-links t)
(org-confirm-babel-evaluate nil)
(org-src-fontify-natively t)
(org-src-tab-acts-natively t)
(org-enforce-todo-dependencies t)
(org-log-into-drawer t)
(org-hide-emphasis-markers t)
(org-todo-keywords '((sequence "TODO(t/!)"
                               "WAITING ON CUSTOMER(w@/@)"
                               "SUBMITTED FOR REVIEW(r@/@)"
                               "SUBMITTED FOR QA(q/!)"
                               "SUBMITTED FOR RELEASE(b@/!)"
                               "NOT A BUG(n/@)"
                               "DUPLICATE BUG(u@/!)"
                               "PR ACCEPTED(a@/!)"

(org-capture-templates '(("o" "XXX")
                         ("ob" "Bugs" entry
                          (file+headline "/home/laurence/Documents/org-mode/XXX.org" "Bugs")
                          "* TODO %^L %^C %^g %?")
                         ("oe" "Enhancement" entry
                          (file+headline "/home/laurence/Documents/org-mode/XXX.org" "Enhancements")
                          "* TODO %^L %^C %^g %?")

                         ("s" "XXX")
                         ("se" "Enhancement Requests")
                         ("sec" "Customer enhancement" entry
                          (file+headline "/home/laurence/Documents/org-mode/XXX.org" "Customer ERs")
                          "* TODO %^L %^C %^g %?")
                         ("sei" "Internal enhancement" entry
                          (file+headline "/home/laurence/Documents/org-mode/XXX.org" "Internal ERs")
                          "* TODO %^L %^C %^g %?")
                         ("sb" "Bugs")
                         ("sbc" "Customer bugs" entry
                          (file+headline "/home/laurence/Documents/org-mode/XXX.org" "Customer Bugs")
                          "* TODO %^L %^C %^g %?")
                         ("sbi" "Internal bugs" entry
                          (file+headline "/home/laurence/Documents/org-mode/XXX.org" "Internal Bugs")
                          "* TODO %^L %^C %^g %?")
                         ("sby" "XXX's bugs" entry
                          (file+headline "/home/laurence/Documents/org-mode/XXX.org" "XXX's Bugs")
                          "* TODO %^L %^C %^g %?")

                         ("u" "XXX")
                         ("ub" "Bugs" entry
                          (file+headline "/home/laurence/Documents/org-mode/XXX.org" "Bugs")
                          "* TODO %^L %^C %^g %?")
                         ("ue" "Enhancement" entry
                          (file+headline "/home/laurence/Documents/org-mode/XXX.org" "Enhancements")
                          "* TODO %^L %^C %^g %?")))

("C-c s" . org-custom-sort-parent-by-todo-order)
("C-c l" . org-store-link)
("C-c c" . org-capture)
("C-c a" . org-agenda)
("C-c b" . org-iswitchb)
("C-c c" . org-capture)
(org-mode . (lambda () (add-hook 'before-save-hook (lambda () (org-update-statistics-cookies t)) nil t)))
(defun org-custom-sort-parent-by-todo-order ()
  (outline-up-heading 1)
  (org-sort-entries nil ?o)
  (org-sort-entries nil ?n)
 '((shell      . t)
   (emacs-lisp . t)
   (python     . t)
   (sql . t))))
  • Possible duplicate of org-mode function definition is void – zck Jul 29 '19 at 13:14
  • Seems to have posted twice. I was getting errors – retrodev Jul 29 '19 at 13:15
  • Other post deleted now – retrodev Jul 29 '19 at 13:37
  • try with this (use-package org :pin org :ensure org-plus-contrib ... – Hubisan Aug 1 '19 at 20:55

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