When a y-or-n-p question (e.g. The file you want to open is very large. Really want to open it?) pops up in the minibuffer while an EXWM buffer is focussed, I have no option to answer the question (using y or n).

In that situation, ALL inputs are forwarded to the buffer's X window, including key bindings I use for EXWM (for example s-q to close the current window/buffer or s-w to change the active window).

In order to rescue the situation, I have to close the active window (if it's got a menu to do so, as I can't use my exwm hotkeys), which allows me to answer the question (in case the subsequently focussed window is an Emacs (text) buffer).

I have no clue how/why inputs are handled in a different way during this (y-or-n-p) question (probably because it's blocking the Emacs event queue which is required for handling X commands?).

How can I debug/fix this issue?

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