I am very recently working with time tracking in org-mode.

When I make do org-clock-report, it reports well.

I edited the top line to display features per date and C-c C-c:

#+BEGIN: clocktable :maxlevel 3 :scope file :step day :tstart "<-4d>" :tend "<now>" :compact t

So that I can see the info for the last four days sorted by date.

My problem is until the day finishes the stats don't add up and show. For example today is August 6th and this is what I have despite having clocked 4 + hours. It will display this properly tomorrow.:

Daily report: [2019-08-06 di]

| Headline | Time |


| Total time | 0:00 |

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All that was necessary was to change to tend "<tomorrow>", i.e., now to tomorrow

#+BEGIN: clocktable :maxlevel 3 :scope file :step day :tstart "<-4d>" :tend "<tomorrow>" :compact t

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