When I compose an email with message (via mu4e or otherwise), and include an attachment for a LibreOffice document, I can't send the message. When I try to send it, instead of having the normal response - messages indicating that the message is getting sent, followed by the window closing - what happens instead is that the attachment is opened in LibreOffice!

I can send messages without attachments without a problem, or with attachments of a different filetype.

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It took me a while to track this down. The problem was due to my using the openwith minor mode. This is normally quite handy. However, when mime messages are generated in Emacs, openwith causes the attachment to be opened up with an external program instead of being reinserted as a string.

This is a known issue, and can be fixed with the following:

(add-to-list  'mm-inhibit-file-name-handlers 'openwith-file-handler)

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