I'm at a loss here with a little issue that is by no means critical but still quite annoying for lovers of org-mode.

Whenever I clock into a task that has already been clocked previously on the same day the mode line clock display won't start at 0:00, but at a seemingly arbitrary time (the only restriction seems that it is less than the total of previous clocks on the same day).

See this screenshot for a "current clock instance" being displayed in the mode line right after clocking in. It should say 0:00 but says 1:59 instead

org-clock-continuously is set to nil. org-clock-mode-line-total is set to "current".

This is merely a display problem. The time records written into the log are accurate.

I'll be grateful for any ideas as to what may be causing this.

Best to all


(I'm running GNU Emacs 26.2 with org-mode 9.2.5 on Ubuntu 18.04)

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