org-edna (Extensible Dependencies ’N’ Actions for org-mode tasks) is great!

The default blocker (:BLOCKER: property) sets condition(s) for preventing a todo status (org-not-done-keywords) becoming done status (org-done-keywords).

If my blocker defined as a task id not being done, e.g. :BLOCKER: ids(XXXXX) !done?, it basically creates finish-to-finish type of dependency between tasks, i.e. I can not finish a task if the other one is not finished. But what I would like to specify is finish-to-start dependency.

If I have the following todo states:

(setq org-todo-keywords (sequence "TODO" "DOING" "|" "DONE"))

How can I then specify a blocker that prevent a task to become DOING until the other task is done? Please, help!

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