I want to iterate over a list with both the index and the value in the loop.

Currently, the code looks like this:

(let ((my-list '(a b c)))
  (cl-loop for index below (length my-list)
           for item = (seq-elt my-list index)
           do (insert (format "index=%s, item=%s\n" index item))))

but calling seq-elt each time is not reasonable.

Another solution looks like this:

(let ((my-list '(a b c)))
  (cl-loop for item being the elements of my-list using (index index)
           do (insert (format "index=%s, item=%s\n" index item))))

But the documentation seems to indicate its obsolete (at least in Common Lisp).

I can't use seq-do-indexed because it was introduced after Emacs 25 with which I would like to keep backward compatibility until 27 is released.

Here is a home-made version that works, but I would prefer a builtin solution if one exists:

(let ((my-list '(a b c))
      (index 0))
  (dolist (item my-list)
    (insert (format "index=%s, item=%s\n" index item))
    (cl-incf index)))

Here is the actual code I'm not satisfied with.

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    Good question. IMHO, your "homemade version" is clearer and lispier than all of the cl-loop versions. Simple, short, obvious. No need to know another language: "the loop facility". (Just one opinion.)
    – Drew
    Commented Aug 21, 2019 at 15:19

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This is actually not really different from your "home-made" version, but uses a loop clause to handle the incrementing:

(let ((my-list '(a b c)))
  (cl-loop for index from 0
           for item in my-list
           do (insert (format "index=%s, item=%s\n" index item))))
  • Thank you very much. That was too obvious for me to see it :-). Commented Aug 22, 2019 at 13:35

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