I've setup lsp-mode and clangd, and put the compile-commands.json in the projects root.

I can tell compile-commands.json because my cflags are included in the Updating file output of *clangd::stderr* log.

However, whenever I run lsp-find-definition it simply prints:
lsp-request: method not found

... unless the function happens to be defined in the same file.

How to troubleshoot this? it makes lsp-mode quite useless.

Checking the logs gives no hints as to why it fails to find the method.

For reference this is the output of lsp-describe-session:

[-] /src/blender/
 `-[-] clangd:22663
    |-[-] Buffers
    |  |-[+] BKE_blender.h
    |  `-[+] creator.c
    `-[-] Capabilities
       |-[X] workspaceSymbolProvider: t
       |-[X] textDocumentSync: 2
       |-[-] signatureHelpProvider:
       |  `-[X] triggerCharacters: [( ,]
       |-[X] renameProvider: t
       |-[X] referencesProvider: t
       |-[X] hoverProvider: t
       |-[-] executeCommandProvider:
       |  `-[X] commands: [clangd.applyFix]
       |-[X] documentSymbolProvider: t
       |-[X] documentRangeFormattingProvider: t
       |-[-] documentOnTypeFormattingProvider:
       |  |-[X] moreTriggerCharacter: []
       |  `-[X] firstTriggerCharacter: }
       |-[X] documentHighlightProvider: t
       |-[X] documentFormattingProvider: t
       |-[X] definitionProvider: t
       |-[-] completionProvider:
       |  |-[X] triggerCharacters: [. > :]
       |  `-[X] resolveProvider: nil
       `-[X] codeActionProvider: t

Do lsp-describe-session and expand server capabilities. This view also displays information about file->buffer associations. My guess is that you do not have a language server associated with that buffer.

  • Added output of lsp-describe-session, note that I managed to get ccls working (out of the box).
    – ideasman42
    Sep 7 '19 at 15:04

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