I use py3status to output data from org-mode to the Sway status bar on my Debian laptop. I had a rather hacky script running fine on a previous version of emacs, parsing the output of something like the following through python:

subprocess.check_output(['emacsclient', '--eval', '(print org-mode-line-string)'])

I say something like the above because unfortunately the script was thrown together, broken somehow by an update (to 26.1), and I have since amended it, all prior to my tracking it with git. I have a feeling I had been using read rather than print, but trying this now outputs only the clock portion of the line - usable but incomplete.

The above currently outputs a parsable string but also prints to *Messages* and pops up on the screen within Emacs. Is there a reliable way to access the current clocked item from outside of Emacs? Accessing the title and clock separately would be fine.

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