I have a python code file with a large multiline string comment that I'm using as a sort of checklist for tests that I'm implementing.

Is it possible to have just that portion of the buffer be in org mode so I can have checkboxes and heading and stuff?

python code

large text block
that I would like to be
in org mode

more python code implementing tests

Note that this is org that I want to embed in a python file. Not vice versa.


Sure thing!

Just add this here to your init:

(use-package poporg
    :ensure t
    :bind ("C-c \\" . poporg-dwim))

Then place your cursor in the comment you want to insert Org and press C-c \.

Here's more info about it: https://github.com/QBobWatson/poporg

And here's a thread on Emacs Reddit about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/aadbf6/poporg_is_great/


I'll look into poporg like @dangom said but one thing that I managed to figure out.

I could clone-indirect-buffer to another window then narrow that buffer to just the area in question by using a region, then enable mmm-mode on each one. Then finally run mmm-parse-buffer on each. It then seems to guess that my main buffer is python-mode and the buffer narrowed to just org is org-mode!

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