How can I see a list of internal links in an org-mode document? I would like a quick way to link within my document without needing to retype/remember all my internal links.

The documentation states,

To insert a link targeting a headline, in-buffer completion can be used. Just type a star followed by a few optional letters into the buffer and press M-TAB. All headlines in the current buffer will be offered as completions.

The key binding M-TAB, however, toggles the desktop environment's "switch to open application" functionality:

* Header1 <<h1>>
** Subheader1
   This is where I would like to reference *

enter image description here

Reading the documentation for handling links, I have tried placing my cursor on the <<h>> target and manually calling org-store-link. Emacs processes for a moment. However, I am unable to use TAB for completion, in the buffer or minibuffer, and the stored target is not in the history accessed by M-p/M-n:

C-c C-l (org-insert-link)


Inserting stored links

All links stored during the current session are part of the history for this prompt, so you can access them with UP and DOWN (or M-p/n).

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The manual suggests using Esc-Tab when M-Tab is captured by the desktop environment.

I tried this but found the completion to be underwhelming. Here is what I did instead: (making use of Ivy and some extra code)

How to auto-complete links to headlines in org-mode?

  • Ah yes, didn't even consider Esc, as I'm an evil-mode (Vim) user. I'm glad you mention it though. I also appreciate the pointer to the Pragmatic Emacs solution. That gives me a path to go down when I have time to trial/research things. Cheers! Commented Aug 28, 2019 at 15:47

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