I often use org-links in headings, e.g.:

*** Heading [[foo]]
**** Subheading [[bar]]

And I use different font-sizes for different levels.

Now, I would like the face of the link to be of the same font-size as the heading's. Is that possible?

I tried using :inherit but that's not working.

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I think the org-link face is set exclusively not in addition to other faces.

And there is only a fixed reference point for :inherit.

There would either

  1. have to be a context sensitive :inherit or
  2. different faces for the context, like with the org-level faces. There is org-level-1, org-level-2 and so forth. But there are no separate faces for org-link-level-1, org-link-level-2

You could probably

use a custom font-lock keyword function that programmatically applies colors to org tags based on location

as suggestet in this question

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    As it turned out the font-height inheritance in the headings is a planned feature that would not be added to Org-mode until version 9.5. Current version of Org-mode is 9.4.4.
    – iLemming
    Commented Feb 11, 2021 at 17:41

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