I know there's org-toggle-inline-images function, is there something like org-toggle-inline-image-at-point?


There is no function that's exactly like that.

However if you examine the source code of org-inline-images, you'll see the function org-display-inline-images which takes beg and end, the point that begin and end a region, as arguments. In org-toggle-inline-images, beg and end were omitted so they defaulted to the entire buffer. If you were to use org-display-inline-images on a region containing only one link, it would do what you want.

To undisplay the images you could just call org-toggle-inline-images (it should toggle off because it checks to see if there's any overlays in the global variable org-inline-image-overlays and there will be because org-display-inline-images adds to this variable).

This is very quick code to do this. I've tested it and it works for me.

(defun +org-toggle-inline-image-at-point ()
  "Toggle inline image at point."
  (if-let* ((bounds (and (not org-inline-image-overlays)
                         (org-in-regexp org-link-any-re nil t)))
            (beg (car bounds))
            (end (cdr bounds)))
      (org-display-inline-images nil nil beg end)

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