I wish to run LSP using the pyls from the virtualenv of my project.

I don't have pyls installed globally (only in the local virtualenv).

I found this snippet online:

  (lsp-define-stdio-client lsp-python "python"

However the function lsp-define-stdio-client has been deprecated.

I can enable lsp with python-mode, and when opening a python file, I get a message saying LSP :: No LSP server running for python-mode (which is expected), then run:

 (make-lsp-client :new-connection (lsp-stdio-connection "/path/to/my/project/bin/pyls")
          :major-modes '(python-mode)
          :server-id 'pyls))

And finally run lsp from the buffer containing the python file.

However I would like this to be done automatically (when I open a python file, emacs finds the corresponding pyls and runs it).

Is there a way to do this?

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lsp-stdio-connection accepths also a function so you may replace (lsp-stdio-connection "/path/to/my/project/bin/pyls") with

   (lambda () 
     ;; implementation of the function that returns the proper 
     ;; pyls for the current directory/project/file.

Alternatively, you may use define .dir-locals.el lsp-pyls-server-command in each project(refer to lsp-mode FAQ for an example).

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