I have installed lsp-mode, lip-scala, lsp-ui, company-lsp and many other packages. When entering scala code, I often get popups to complete the method/class/variable name, which also add the relevant imports if needed.

However, this does not always happen. I am new to lip-mode, so I am not sure how to debug what is going wrong. What are useful commands/settings to figure out what is going wrong when it is not working?

I have configured it with

;; lsp configuration
(use-package lsp-scala
  :after scala-mode
  :demand t
  ;; Optional - enable lsp-scala automatically in scala files
  :hook (scala-mode . lsp))

There are lots of messages in *lsp-log* but none of them indicate any obvious to me.

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lsp-scala is deprecated and you should now use lsp-mode which has scala support via metals. From the lsp-scala repo:

lsp-scala is now part of lsp-mode as lsp-metals. Please do not use this package.

I would suggest referring to the metals documentation which can help you with installation: https://scalameta.org/metals/docs/editors/emacs.html (make sure you uninstal lsp-scala first).

Useful command for debugging

What I usually do when something is not working is setting (debug-on-error t), this will throw you into a debugger when there is an error and will enable you to start investigating where something went wrong.

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