For instance, I have the following habit "sleep before 23h"

** TODO sleep before 23h                                  
   SCHEDULED: <2019-09-07 sam. 23:00 +1d>
   :STYLE: habit

And I mark it as DONE on my agenda each time I'm going to sleep. However, whether or not I've done it before 23h, org-habit considered it as done in time since it's day-based. Is there a trick to change its behaviour so that "sleeping after 23h" in this case is considered overdue?


For starters, my suggestion would be to use DEADLINE: rather than SCHEDULED:. See The Org Manual: Deadlines and scheduling for an explanation of the distinction. Namely:

SCHEDULED Meaning: you are planning to start working on that task on the given date.


DEADLINE Meaning: the task (most likely a TODO item, though not necessarily) is supposed to be finished on that date.

You may wish to set a SCHEDULED: value as well to reflect the earliest you anticipate going to bed.

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