I try to use org-mode for scheduling weekly tasks in my university. Say I have this timetable:

* Mon:
    ** Subject A:
        *** Ex. 50
        *** Prepare presentation
    ** Subject B:
        *** TODO Task 1
        *** Task 2 (requires Task 1 completed)
* Tue
   ** ... similar structure ...

Subjects repeat each week (so Subject A is the every-Monday subject).

I want to set up an agenda for this structure of timetable. I can assign schedules and deadlines to tasks, but if I do so, I have to assign similar timestamps for each one. Worse, I see only these tasks in agenda, without specs about subject they belong.

What I'd like to do, is to schedule subjects (easy to assign timestamps) and in the agenda I want to see both subject and tasks. Ideally not all of the tasks (which may include 10 or more tasks for whole semester), but only those that are marked TODO.

Example of agenda:

30 Jan 2000 :
    Subject B:
        TODO: Task 1 

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