When I open a new buffer with a .el extension, I get the following error message from flycheck: Suspicious state from syntax checker emacs-lisp: Flycheck checker emacs-lisp returned non-zero exit code 255, but its output contained no errors: End of file during parsing. This seems to indicate that flycheck is unable to parse the error message from the emacs-lisp checker, but I don't understand why flycheck is running the checker at this point anyway. What can I do to stop flycheck from generating this error?

Here's my configuration for flycheck:

 (use-package flycheck
   :ensure t
   (add-to-list 'flycheck-disabled-checkers 'emacs-lisp-checkdoc)
   (setq flycheck-emacs-lisp-load-path 'inherit)
   (add-hook 'after-init-hook #'global-flycheck-mode)
   :pin melpa)

This is Emacs 26.1, running on Windows 10.

Edit: I should add that the computer this is running on is so slow that often after a keypress, it can take a second or so for the character to appear. (This is a work computer, not mine!) This is true for MS Word as well as Emacs. I noticed this morning that I can get the same error when the .el file is full, so I wonder if flycheck is waiting for something to happen after a keypress, not seeing it, and generating the error. I wonder because with the same configuration at home, with a reasonably fast machine, this doesn't happen.

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