In Aquamacs, I frequently find myself being yanked out of my focus, concretely and figuratively, if I try to view a buffer which is already displayed in a different frame, often on another desktop.

In some more detail, I have MacOS set up to display multiple virtual desktops side by side (other OSes probably use different terminology -- I remember them being called viewports in some window manager on X) and an Aquamacs frame on many of them.

Now, if I happened to run e.g. M-x shell-command or M-x occur in one of them, and then switched to another desktop, now when I try to run the command again, the results are not displayed in the Emacs frame I am now using. If I try to switch to the buffer with e.g. C-x 4 b *Occur* I would expect Aquamacs to (split the current frame into two windows if necessary and) display the *Occur* buffer in the other window in the current frame; but instead, it will switch to the desktop where Aquamacs is already displaying this buffer.

Is there a way to turn this off?

I have generally tried to turn off all the Aquamacs "improvements" but I see nothing on https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/AquamacsEmacsCompatibilitySettings which corresponds to this behavior (or perhaps I don't understand what to look for?). I have definitely turned off one-buffer-one-frame-mode as soon as I installed Aquamacs.

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