After opening up an empty file named


using emacsclient -nw ... .

I type in


in the body of the file. how can I get autocompletion candidates shown? In this case, any files/folders starting with the name hu

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M-x hippie-expand

Try to expand text before point, using multiple methods. The expansion functions in hippie-expand-try-functions-list are tried in order, until a possible expansion is found. Repeated application of hippie-expand inserts successively possible expansions.

Also see Emacs manual


Interesting... I use find-file-at-point (ffap.el) which is offering me completion. In scratch buffer (having ran emacs -q):

(require 'ffap)

With the cursor after .prof C-x C-f then asks if I want to load .profile, pressing tab I can then choose other files. Using Copy C-x h M-w I can then paste that into the file. Possibly not the solution you're looking for.

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