I installed a minor mode for coq-mode, called company coq. It binds the <menu> key to company-coq-toggle-definition-overlay here:

(defconst company-coq--core-map
  (let ((cc-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
    (define-key cc-map [remap proof-goto-point] #'company-coq-proof-goto-point)
  "Keymap for core company-coq keybindings.
Do not edit this keymap: instead, edit `company-coq-map'.")

(defvar company-coq-map
  (let ((cc-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
    (define-key cc-map (kbd "<menu>") #'company-coq-toggle-definition-overlay)
  "Keymap of company-coq keybindings.
These keybindings are activated by `company-coq--keybindings-minor-mode'.")

(define-minor-mode company-coq--keybindings-minor-mode
  "Minor mode providing convenient company-coq keybindings."
  :lighter nil
      :keymap company-coq-map)

It says: Do not edit this keymap: instead, edit `company-coq-map'

But no matter how I try to edit company-coq-map, I still can't change it. I tried this:

(defun my-company-coq ()
      (local-set-key (kbd "<menu>") 'kill-ring-save)

(eval-after-load 'company-coq-mode
      '(define-key company-coq-map [(menu)] 'kill-ring-save))

(add-hook 'cc-mode-hook 'my-company-coq)

How to reset this key to kill-ring-save?

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Fixed by this:

(defun my-company-coq ()
      (define-key company-coq-map (kbd "<menu>") #'kill-ring-save)

(add-hook 'company-coq-mode-hook 'my-company-coq)

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