I use one unique diary.org file for my Org Agenda.

My file is structured as :tree-type week, hence is every entry like:

* 2019
** 2019-W21
*** 2019-05-26
**** entry

I would like to add category to any entry captured to this file, which I could do by editing my org-capture template.

However, categories don't show up in Org Agenda unless they're marking a file or a top-level item.

Do you know how to make categories work for non-top headers?


I do the following and it seems to work for headings that are not the top-level:

** not a top heading
:CATEGORY: category_name

*** TODO this will be in agenda with category_name
  • That doesn't work here, neither for second level heading nor for third level heading (with :CATEGORY: being set in second level heading). I'm expecting to set :CATEGORY: at fourth-level heading (and to make it appear in agenda at fourth-level heading). The manual doesn't say much about it but I was somehow thinking this was expected behavior given this post from Sacha Chua. – teabow Sep 28 '19 at 19:46
  • not sure if this matters.... my org mode version 9.1.9 with Emacs 26.3 – midas0441 Oct 2 '19 at 19:58
  • it actually does work (I'm on or 9.2.6), still don't understand why it used not to. Thanks anyway. – teabow Oct 3 '19 at 9:44

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