I am currently writing a user-script for a simulation software, and the program requires the use of Fortran90 syntax in 132-columns fixed format.

Emacs has two Fortran modes that I know of, fortran-mode and f90-mode. Fixed formmat is not supported in f90-mode so I am stuck using fortran-mode. The number of columns can be fixed, but the syntax highlighting is not correct.

  • Keywords such as use, contains, intent, dimension, end subroutine <name> are not recognized.
  • Variables aren't being highlighted after the :: operator.

While these are simple inconveniences and they do not affect the programming experience much, Emacs is all about convenience. So my question is:

Is there a simple way to achieve the f90-modesyntax highlighting in fortran-mode?

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Yes, there is nothing to stop you from using F90 highlighting in fortran-mode. Just put something like this in your config:

(require 'f90)
(add-hook 'fortran-mode-hook 'f90-font-lock-2)

where the number at the end (1 to 4) controls the degree of gaudiness. Here is an example with the default color scheme and f90-font-lock-4 (maximum gaudiness).

enter image description here

  • All those cases are colored for me at levels 3 and above. You can see only in the screenshot above (at level 4). Is this not the case for you?
    – deprecated
    Dec 12, 2014 at 14:18

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