I need a code translation page for a file containing Russian Cyrillic characters in an unknown format, not alternativnyj, not cyrillic-iso-8bit, not cyrillic-koi8, not ruscii. Cyrillic-iso-8bit comes closest (in that there is a one-to-one relation between the Russian letters it produces and the correct Russian letters) but the letters are all wrong. I could translate them using a secondary decoding program but I would prefer to use the correct eMacs code translation page. I have searched the eMacs documentation and the web looking for information on how and where these code translation pages are stored, and information on understanding their internal format. I have found nothing. If I can learn how to create and where to save an eMacs code translation page, then, using by-hand cypher decryption of the Russian comments in the mystery file, I may be able to create and contribute yet another Windows Russian code translation page for use by the eMacs user community.

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