I try to configure lsp-mode and company-lsp with python-language-server for python autocompletion, but when I choose completion candidate it completes with function arguments. How can I prevent this behaviour?

For example for function

def foo(arg1, arg2):

It will autocomplete like

foo(arg1, arg2)

I tried to set (setq lsp-enable-snippet nil) but it didn't help

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There are actually two variables that drive this behavior.

You tried the first one, lsp-enable-snippet and it didn't work. This means that the culprit is probably company-lsp, which engages in a similar behavior and uses a variable that is nearly identical, company-lsp-enable-snippet.

Try disabling that with (setq company-lsp-enable-snippet nil) and see if that does the trick 🙂.

As an aside, when I struggle with a problem like this (where I have a suspicion there is a tangential/related mode driving the behavior), I try to looking for similarly named variables or variables that contain a reference to the behavior/feature/setting at hand. It's not a perfect heuristic, but it is how I found out about company's complementing behavior to lsp mode as answer above. If you have a feeling a problem is of this nature, next time try using C-h v and searching for the culprit variable.

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