I've been using org babel to execute ruby code, works well but

  • wrapping blocks with begin_src/end_src is cumbersome
  • no live output - i have to wait till the whole process finishes to see output

Suppose I have this bit of text in a fundamental buffer

puts `pwd`

When I press C-c a I want this executed using ruby interpreter. I started writing a defun for it like this:

(defun my-execute-region-with-ruby()

I've found a package/function that does it (https://github.com/kaz-yos/eval-in-repl/blob/master/eval-in-repl-ruby.el)

but looking for a different solution or to amend the solution in that package. My issues:

1) When the ruby code block is executed, the "system ruby binary" is used, which is 99% of the time not the binary used by for example the rails project I'm working on 2) there should be a way to indicate the "cd working directory" when executing the ruby code block.

I've noticed "github.com/kaz-yos/eval-in-repl" uses a live inf-ruby buffer for the execution. I already (always) have an inf-ruby consiole running because I use "github.com/dgutov/robe", so was wondering how I can tell "eval-in-repl-ruby.el" to re-use the preexisting "inf-ruby" repl, because the robe repl already has it's cd set correctly, and as a result the ruby version is correct too because 'RBENV' detects the appropriate ruby version to use by reading the "project/.ruby-version" file.

  • Please pose only one question per question, rather than a list of "My issues". – Drew Oct 14 '19 at 15:52

I think I figured out a solution.


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