I like having non-breaking spaces and a few other characters represented in my buffer as visible characters. The problem I have is that whitespace-mode seems determined to set the background color. In modes where the background color is different (for example, in src blocks in Org), the ordinary space characters are really obtrusive.

I can workaround this by not having those blocks appear in a different background color, but that seems like it shouldn't be necessary.

I've tried a few things that I've found by searching, but none appear to work.

  • Here is a link to an example where I take a few characters such as an en-dash and an em-dash and assign a different arbitrary face to the substituted characters: emacs.stackexchange.com/a/9627/2287 It is not necessary to substitute with different characters. You can take a non-breaking space and assign a face with only a foreground specified. I did not write up an answer to your question because you want a whitespace-mode specific answer, and more would be required such as a recipe to reproduce what it is you are seeing so that a whitespace-mode only answer can be written.
    – lawlist
    Oct 17, 2019 at 19:15
  • FYI: nobreak-space is an Emacs face that can be customized; e.g., M-x customize-face. You can remove or change the background color if so desired ... Here is how one might programmatically set a face with a foreground color of blue and no background color: (face-spec-set 'nobreak-space '((t :foreground "blue"))). There other functions that are more popularly used to set faces; e.g., set-face-attribute, etc.
    – lawlist
    Oct 17, 2019 at 19:31

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I eventually concluded that this was interaction between whitespace-mode attempting to use faces and Org mode attempting to use faces and the result just being incompatible. I told whitespace-mode to stop using faces and the result...better.

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