This question is a semantically similar question but the OP's intent was more about which implementation of multiple cursors was "best".

I echo one of the commenters of that question who asked "Can you explain how to use it? I'm superconfused". . . as am I! That answer included a list of keybindings (which are also available (though not in handy table format) on the evil-mc readme). When I search on the web for this I get keybindings and others with the same question but have not found just basic instructions.

Could someone just walk through an example of how to use multiple cursors? For example, let's say I have this list of variables cut from a spec (including non-alignment):


I want to change that list to:

 String purpose;
 String dtlastmod; 
 String lastmod;   
 String dtrelver;  
 String relver;
 String comps;

It seems like multiple cursors might make this easy but I'll be darned if I can't figure it out. Is that a good use case? If not, what is a good example and could you talk through the steps?

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