how can one teach emacs to do something useful here?

for example if the current line contains the word "FOO" anywhere, change it to whatever the string returned by special-lisp-function-001

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You can attach something to org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c-final-hook:

Hook for functions attaching themselves to ‘C-c C-c’.

This can be used to add additional functionality to the C-c C-c key which executes context-dependent commands. This hook is run after any other test, while ‘org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c-hook’ is run before the first test.

To add something to a hook, we use add-hook:

(add-hook 'org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c-final-hook
          (lambda () (message "yeah, you got \"%s\"" (word-at-point))

Now, when you press C-c C-c, and org has no other action for the place that point is at, it'll send a message in the minibuffer. Obviously you can change this as necessary.

Note that we explicitly return a non-nil value so that org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c knows to stop running other functions in org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c-final-hook once we hit this one.

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