Is there some option to make frame active when i create it? I can switch to it with this code, but maybe there's a way to do this without select-frame func?

(defun show-misc-posframe ()
  (when (posframe-workable-p)
    (posframe-show "*spec-buffer*"
           :poshandler 'posframe-poshandler-frame-top-right-corner
           :height 45
           :width 50
           :override-parameters '((cursor-type box))))
  (setq misc-posframe--frame (with-current-buffer "*spec-buffer*"
  (select-frame misc-posframe--frame))
  • make-frame; with-selected-frame ....; select-frame / raise-frame; select-frame-set-input-focus; .... The doc-string for the function make-frame states in part: "On graphical displays, this function does not itself make the new frame the selected frame. However, the window system may select the new frame according to its own rules." – lawlist Oct 22 '19 at 0:12

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