I have recently installed emacs doom, and I tried to customise it with some custom keybindings. I have found that Evil is just not something I want. I can disable it on a per-buffer basis with M-x turn-off-evil-mode, but I do not want to have to type that command everytime I open a file

How can I disable evil mode everywhere? I don't want it.

PS: The Emacs doom documentation apparently used to explain how to this, but the link points to nowhere

  • The correct way to disable it interactively is M-x evil-mode as it's a global minor mode. – wasamasa Oct 24 '19 at 16:48

More explanations how to remove Evil are in .emacs.d/modules/editor/evil/README.org and to quote it:

You must do two things to remove Evil:

  1. Remove =:editor evil= from =~/.doom.d/init.el=,
  2. Run ~doom refresh~ to clean up lingering dependencies and refresh your autoloads files.
  3. [OPTIONAL] You may want to assign new values to ~doom-leader-alt-key~ and ~doom-localleader-alt-key~. These are bound to =C-c= and =C-c l= by default.

Read also all text there, you must make effort to implement Emacs keybinding everywhere.

One word of caution - in time normal Emacs keybindings will induce some pain for your fingers (as for me also) and a normal way to avoid such is to use Evil mode, since C- ... commands are replaced by some others keybindings not using your left thumb.

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