Make names of major modes shorter in the mode-line describes a way to shorten the modeline with cypejor. However, it seems like projectile-mode is not shortened by cyphejor. Is there anything that needs to be added to the config? Example:

   ("projectile" "P")
   ("menu"        "▤" :postfix)
   ("mode"        "")
   ("package"     "↓")
   ("python"      "π")
   ("shell"       "sh" :postfix)
(cyphejor-mode 1)

While the question still remains, projectile can itself shorten its mode line part:

  • projectile-mode-line-prefix (by default " Projectile") controls the static part of the mode-line
  • projectile-dynamic-mode-line (by default t) controls whether to display the project name & type part of the mode-line

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