I have a "home file" with a keyboard shortcut of C-c h (used for writing quick notes, org style)

How can I still use projectile-find-file, after switching to my notes file?

The issue is the notes reside in a non project git repo at ~/notes/, and on any given day I might be working on ~/project1/ ~/project2 or ~/project3

So when I invoke projectile-find-file, I am shown files in my notes folders, when what I really want to see is the app/models, app/controllers, Gemfile, etc in the ~/projectN folder of the "project of the day"

The "project of the day" is the "primary project I'm focussing on for that day". It's a constant for any given day.

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You can use projectile-switch-project. Once you've selected your project, it invokes another action, which by default is projectile-find-file (but you can set it to any function with no arguments).

Another option is to use projectile-find-file-in-known-projects, which will let you find files across all of your projects.

(By the way, I hope you're using helm-projectile, it's great!)

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