This question is likely an expansion / duplicate of this question: how to highlight imported functions in python code?

My .py file looks like this:

from math import floor

(max(1, 8))


Screenshot for reference:

enter image description here

max has font-lock applied to it. While floor has no font-lock applied.


  1. How can I configure my setup (python-mode, elpy-mode) so that emacs recognises 'floor' as a function that font-lock should apply to.
  2. If there are no answers for #1, can you recommend a package which can help?

I think this might be close to what you want:

The next-import function leverages font lock to dynamically add these keywords. Then, we add a hook function that runs that.

(defun next-import (limit)
  (when (re-search-forward "from \\(\\w+\\) import \\(\\w+\\)" limit t)
     `((,(regexp-quote (match-string 2)) 0 font-lock-keyword-face)))))

(defun my-import-keywords ()
   '((next-import (nil nil t)))

(add-hook 'python-mode-hook 'my-import-keywords)

One limitation of this is that it only font-locks from imports that have a single imported function. With some work you could probably match a comma separated list, and add each one.

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