I am aware that I able to use sparse tree to search "[b]efore-date" with C-c/b or search "[a]fter-date" with C-c/a.

However, I recognise that seems to only be with dates that are schedules or deadlines.

Is it possible to use sparse tree or something similar to filter my org-mode bullets by time-stamps? Say in the context of using org-mode to do a logbook/diary of sorts.

Or is the best solution input the time-stamps as schedules?

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When you bring up org-sparse-tree, pressing c should cycle you through date types.

The first date type after the default of scheduled/deadline is all timestamps. That includes normal timestamps.

So: C-c/ca should do what you need.

  • Oh wow, yes that's what I wanted! I somehow missed that part out when I tried to search around. Thank you!
    – zackteo
    Nov 21, 2019 at 1:00

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