Spacemacs by default comes with company for autocomplete. When typing, it shows all kinds of symbols matching what I have typed so far. This list can be very long.

Is there any way to search in the currently available completions?

Example: Say I want to add a key to an evil-mode keymap.

(define-key evil- will show a bunch of options but now I would like to filter those for the ones that also contain map.


Use C-s (company-search-candidates), use C-h f company-search-candidates to learn more:

company-search-candidates is an interactive compiled Lisp function in company.el.


Start searching the completion candidates incrementally.

Search can be controlled with the commands:

  • company-search-repeat-forward (C-s)

  • company-search-repeat-backward (C-r)

  • company-search-abort (C-g)
  • company-search-delete-char (DEL)

Regular characters are appended to the search string.

Customize company-search-regexp-function to change how the input is interpreted when searching.

The command company-search-toggle-filtering (C-o) uses the search string to filter the completion candidates.

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