I'm trying to set a column width in an org-mode table, but using the syntax isn't working. Here's my table:

| col 1 | col 2 with quite a long header | col 3 here |
|       |                            <5> |            |
| abc   |                            123 | x          |
| def   |                            456 | y          |

I'd expect that after a re-align, the second column would be displayed with a width of 5 -- but it stays the way seen above. I'm not exporting this file, I just want to narrow the usually-displayed column so my table is easier to read.

Any ideas why org isn't displaying the width correctly?


Normal realign with C-c C-c does not consider column widths (anymore?, idk). Use C-c TAB (org-table-toggle-column-width) instead to shrink or expand the current column. To narrow all columns with a specified width call it with a prefix argument C-u C-c TAB. To automatically shrink columns with a width cookie you can either set #+STARTUP: shrink on a per-file basis or org-startup-shrink-all-tables to t to do it globally.

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