M-x calendar would display a three-month calendar and C-u M-x calendar could select the center of the three month.

How could display an arbitrary numbers of months, for instance view all the month in 2019 as bash command:

ncal -M 2019
  • Several years ago, I wrote up a 12-month rotating calendar, with the assistance of multiple threads and help from the Emacs community, including, but not limited to the rotating algorithm. However, I have not taken any time recently to see whether its compatible with a current version of org-mode. See: github.com/lawlist/lorg-calendar For just the 12-month rotating calendar without org-mode integration, see: stackoverflow.com/a/21409154/2112489 For a fancy 12-month, 2-week, 1-week, etc. calendar, have a look at calfw library: github.com/kiwanami/emacs-calfw
    – lawlist
    Nov 11, 2019 at 9:11
  • happy, calfw is amazing, which provide all I want. @lawlist could please transmit the comment to answer.
    – Wizard
    Nov 11, 2019 at 9:20

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The original poster has indicated in a comment underneath the question that the suggestion of looking at the calfw library https://github.com/kiwanami/emacs-calfw is sufficient to suit his/her needs. However, that library does not do exactly what the question seeks to answer. Instead, it has built-in views for 1-month, 2-weeks, 1-week, 1-day. There is no 12-month view, despite the fact that I erroneously stated it did in my comment. [Ooops ... sorry.] Nevertheless, the calfw library is very popular and I use it myself.

The closest thing that I am aware of that actually answers the call of the question is a thread from several years ago on stackoverflow ("Emacs calendar: show more than 3 months?"): https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9547912/emacs-calendar-show-more-than-3-months

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