Window A
Window B

Is there a way to switch to

Window A : Window B

Is there a way to switch view without closing windows?


Here's a simple function that will toggle between a horizontal and vertical split. It assumes you've only got two windows, and doesn't do any resizing:

(defun window-split-toggle ()
  "Toggle between horizontal and vertical split with two windows."
  (if (> (length (window-list)) 2)
      (error "Can't toggle with more than 2 windows!")
    (let ((func (if (window-full-height-p)
      (funcall func)
        (other-window 1)
        (switch-to-buffer (other-buffer))))))

Alternatively, there's a tranpose-frame package on EmacsWiki that will allow you to transpose the whole frame, as well as do other transformations (rotate by by 180 degrees; rotate by 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise; flip horizontally or vertically).


The transpose-frame package is available on MELPA as well.

Use M-x transpose-frame, or bind it to something to accomplish this.

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